Team Tactical FAQ

      1. What is Team Tactical? 
      • Team Tactical is Americas Fraternity - Providing TRUE Patriots with two awesome membership options: a Shirt of the Month subscription, or an Annual Membership. Both options will supply you monthly deliveries containing all new and exclusive Tactical Pro Supply T-Shirts in your preferred size!

          I just signed up for $1, why did I just get charged on the first of the month again?

          • Charges for the membership are processed a month in advance. The $1 charge is for your first shirt which will be shipping by the 4th of the following month. The charge you received on the first of the month, is for your second shirt and will ship by the 4th of the following month.
            • (i.e. Sign up for $1 on January 30, that shirt is shipped by the 4th of February. Charged $20 on the 1st of February, that shirt will ship by the 4th of March)

          How do I change my account from a Monthly subscription to an Annual subscription?

          • To do this, it is best you go through the sign-up process again to assure your Account is set up accurately. Once you do that, email us at and we will cancel your monthly subscription.

          How do I change my address, payment info, or shirt size?

          • You can login to your account and update all of your info there, or contact us at and we can update that for you.

          *Note: If you update your information yourself, you will need to log into your Team Tactical account as well as your Recharge account to update information in two sections.

          1. What is included with the Team Tactical month subscription?
          • When you join you will automatically receive Team Tactical shirt each month, PLUS additional membership perks, including:
          • Member discounted pricing on ALL of our products.
          • Free U.S. Shipping on the shirt of the month deliveries.
          • Automatic Entry into monthly giveaways. We select 2 winners at random each month - Annual members are entered TWICE as a bonus perk, so your odds of winning double.
          • Some months we will throw in extra gear; some months the bonus will come in the form of special discounts. They are the biggest that we offer, and you won't find them anywhere else!


          1. How much is shipping on the shirt of the month?
          • Domestic shipping on Team Tactical shirts is FREE every month.


          1. When will my first shirt of the month delivery arrive?
          • The cutoff for joining is the last day of each month, with shipments deploying from our USA printers on the 4th business day of the following month.
          • Examples:
            • 1) If you start your membership February 2nd, your first shirt will ship around March 4th.
            • 2) If you start your membership February 28th, your first shirt will also ship around March 4th.


            1. How can I find out which shirt of the month shirts I’ll be receiving?
            • It’s a surprise! You'll find out each month when it arrives. The shirts are designed and selected for the club deliveries and are exclusive, not-yet-released, and limited-edition treats, picked and printed just for you.


            1. How does Team Tactical billing work?
            • For monthly plans, we offer a discounted rate of $1 for your first month’s membership. Your future payments will be automatically processed on the first day of the month each month of your membership. For annual plans, 12-months of membership are charged upfront, at checkout, and you save around $30 vs. signing up for a monthly membership.


            1. I’m having trouble logging into my membership portal -or- I’ve logged in, but I do not see information related to my subscription. What gives?
            • Your Team Tactical login credentials consist of the email address and password that you provided at checkout when you purchased your membership. If you already had an existing account under a different email address, you can merge the two by updating the email address associated with either account to match the other. This will allow you to manage both your membership and traditional orders in one place.
            • Done all this and still running into issues? Email us at


              1. I need to skip a month; can I do that?
              • Yes! If you need to skip a month due to being out of town, needing a break from the payment, whatever, please contact us before the last day of the month and we can skip your next month's payment and delivery for you.


              1. I’m moving, how do I change my address?
              • Log in to your membership portal and hit the "Manage Subscription" button to make any necessary changes to your shipping or billing address. This must be done before the last day of the month that precedes the delivery that you would like to re-route to your new address. Please note: You must make this update in the Manage Subscription area. If not, the address updated is the one associated with your traditional Team Tactical orders -or- contact us at and we can take care of it for you.


              1. I need to update my credit card info - How do I do this?
              • You can update the credit card associated with your subscription, as well as your billing address, by logging into your account and heading to the "Manage Subscription" area.


              1. Can I change my size, if needed?
              • We can make the necessary changes to your plan type, simply contact our team and your future deliveries will reflect your updated size. Requests must be submitted before the last day of the month, otherwise, it will not go into effect for 2 shirt cycles. 


              1. My subscription is showing up as cancelled/inactive, but I never cancelled it- what gives?
              • There may be an issue with the funding source that you have on file. Manage your payment method in your account portal's Manage Subscription section or reach out to us for help. Issues with funding sources may result in delayed or skipped deliveries.

                When does my membership expire?
              • When does your love for America expire? You will continue to get your monthly dose of extreme patriotism until you retire your membership. If you have a monthly membership and do need to cancel before the end of the initial 4-month term there is a cancellation fee of $25. Please contact Team Tactical support and we will assist in this process.
              • If your initial term is complete and you need to cancel, you can do so at any time with no penalties through your Team Tactical Membership Portal, or by contacting Team Tactical support. Annual plans auto renew on a yearly basis. An email will be sent to the address associated with your account prior to renewal. If you need to cancel prior to your renewal date, let us know and we will set your termination date, so you won’t be billed for the upcoming year. 


              1. Can I cancel my membership?
              • Yes - we hate to see members go, but we understand that circumstances arise. If you cancel after the conclusion of your initial 4-month term (this is measured by the number of membership payments, not including "skip" months) there is no fee to cancel. Simply reach out to us at Cancellation requests prior to the conclusion of the initial 4-month term are subject to an early termination fee, equal to one month's membership.
              • If your desire to cancel stems from your experience with Team Tactical, please let us know so we can try to remedy the issue. We welcome feedback as we grow Team Tactical and strive to provide members with an exceptional, patriotic experience.