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Wear Your American Flag Baseball Hat and Show Your National Pride

Few things are more iconic in American life than baseball. Day after day and night after night, from Spring Training to the World Series, baseball players take their positions, all of them wearing their trusty baseball hats. While other countries now play baseball, we all know baseball is an American sport - invented by Americans and for Americans more than a century ago. Baseball is an American tradition, as American as, well, apple pie.

And yet, there is still a way to make the classic baseball hat better - put an American flag on it. If you wear an American flag baseball hat with the cap forward, people will see how much you love your country as you approach them. If you’re a non-traditionalist and wear your American baseball hat backward, people walking behind you will see your patriotism. Either way, you can’t go wrong with an American flag baseball hat from Tactical Pro Supply.

Three Options to Choose From

When it comes to headwear, few can beat the quality of our hats. We have three options, including flexfits, snapbacks, and beanies. All have a proud American flag patch sewn right in front. Show your pride for America with headwear from Tactical Pro Supply.


Flexfit hats get their name from the elastic-like fabric sewn into the headband and elsewhere, like the top forward panel of the hat. The result is a form-fitting hat that is both stylish and comfortable. At Tactical Pro Supply, we have several to choose from, all of which are the same price. The only decision you’ll need to make is which American flag patch design on the front of the hat.


Snapback hats get their name from the adjustable plastic band in the back. Just snap open and position the band into the desired holes for the size. Chances are you’ve seen one of these hats before. They are the most common. Our snapback hats come in several dark-tint color schemes and camo patterns. As always, these hats have an American flag patch right in front, so everyone knows where your country loyalty lies.


Our third hat option is the beanie. The beanie is a versatile hat made from woven acrylic for added warmth. Beanies are stylish and show a low-key level of patriotism. Our beanies are comfortably soft and thick and should complement any cold-weather clothing. Unlike the American flag baseball hat that can be worn backward or forward, there is no such orientation for beanies. This means that you must always think about putting the beanie on with the flag facing forward.

Closing Thoughts

From the classic American flag baseball hat to the comfortable beanie, you can’t go wrong with Tactical Pro Supply headwear. But wait, there’s more! While we are passionate about America,  we are even more passionate about our veterans because they are the reason why we are free. Veterans sacrificed life and limb for us, for all Americans. That’s why a portion of all profits we make from selling our products, like the American flag baseball hat, go to helping veterans. We believe this is the least we can do to show our support. 

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