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Why We Won’t Let “Them” Cancel The Word “Patriot”

January 19, 2023

To say that the last few years of American history has been perplexing would be an understatement. The national anthem and the American flag were supposed to be unquestioned and uncontroversial displays of love for one’s country.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen both maligned in recent years and, one would expect, after they have maligned our symbols they are now coming for the people themselves.

That’s because it is people who proudly embrace the term “patriot” that stand in their way. Who are “they” and what do “they” want? If we can borrow a few minutes of your time, we’ll explain below and most importantly, why we won’t let “them” cancel the word patriot. 

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Tactical Pro Supply Was Forged With The Modern Patriot In Mind

Now, we don’t have a problem opposing “them” or “they” because neither are customers of ours. If we knew a customer was indeed a socialist or communist, we’d reject their business because we know that there is a better than average chance that “they” are paying for it with “your” money.

That’s how socialism works after all. The moment Karl Marx penned the first word of The Communist Manifesto it became the duty of every patriot to oppose it. We create products for such patriots. 

The moment law enforcement officers became the objects of unwarranted attack instead of meritorious praise, it was patriots who shook their hand and stood by their side.

That’s because law and order is a friend to an American citizen, but it stands in the way of the agenda that “they” would impose on this great nation of ours. We are unapologetic supporters of the Thin Blue Line and our products reflect it. 

“They” Are The Antithesis To The Modern American Patriot

Here at Tactical Pro Supply, we reject the notion of identity politics. That’s the tactic of those who would harm this country and that’s also why we don’t name any groups by name.

We just call them “they” and “they” are easy to identify because of their genuine disdain for this country. Rather, we’ll spend our time talking about the great modern American patriot. 

The American patriot comes from all races, classes, creeds, religions and even political entities. It’s not hard to glean our conservative views on many issues here, but we know that there are patriots serving this nation in law enforcement and our military who may just happen to have some opposing political views. That’s ok and dissent is the good stuff of the great American experiment. 

Patriots don’t attack fellow patriots for differing views and that’s what makes “they” so easy to identify. “They” malign not only the constitution, but the patriots that defend it.

“They” malign not only the 2nd Amendment, but those patriots who take their kid out to the range to pass down that tradition. “They” assault the proven track record of capitalism by maligning the billionaire class while simultaneously maligning the small business owner and call it collateral damage. 

When “They” Cancel The Word Patriot “They” Win The Battle For The Mind

Selling patriotic products for the modern American patriot is not just a business venture. Rather, it is a calling and our approach to weigh in on the battle for the American mind.

Often referred to as 5th Generation Warfare, the use of non-kinetic military action, social engineering and misinformation has become the preferred tactics of “they.” We won’t let them win on that battlefield, that is the battlefield of the American mind. 

We view every product we field as weapons for you to wield in this conflict. When they malign law enforcement in the public forum, we’ll sell more Thin Blue Line Shirts.

When they try to take your guns, we’ll counter with our “Ban Idiots Not Guns” line of products. You get the point and while it’s not flashy, it’s our way to fight back against “they” in 5th Generation Warfare. 

We’d like to invite you to join us in this battle, but we know that if you embrace the term patriot that you are already fighting by our side. That’s because that is what patriots do and that is why we never let “them” make patriot a dirty word.

We’re here for every patriot of every race, class, creed and political views. We don’t care how you love this great American experiment, just so long as you do as there are no sidelines to sit on during this conflict. We’re here for the patriots because we are here for America.