Why We Should Let Texas Be Texas and California Be California

April 28, 2023

Considering that the fringe left seems fascinated as of late to study American history and point out every wrong to children, they would do well to take a detour in that history and rediscover the concept of Federalism. 

Federalism is the division of power between a central government and regional or local governments. It's a core founding principle of the United States government that was enshrined in the Constitution and it is a system that has worked for over 200 years.

In recent years, however, every time a Democrat lands in the White House, there is a push for a more centralized federal government that seeks to standardize laws and regulations across the entire country. 

Namely, they want to turn the rest of the country into California and any citizen or student of history would be right to fear such a move. Moreover, this is actually a stronger driver of the division we have in this country and far more so than anything that happened on January 6th. 

If the Democrats can learn to let people and states be who they want to be, we’d all get along a great deal better. So, let’s rediscover Federalism and please let Texas be Texas and California can be California. 

texas at night

The Benefits of Federalism Are Clear And Historically Documented

One of the main benefits of federalism is that it allows for more responsive and tailored governance. At no point were the founders trying to make South Carolina like New York and if they did, the constitution would have never been ratified. Each state has its own unique needs, and federalism allows them to address those needs in ways that make sense for their citizens. 

A simple example would be population density. The discernible truth is that states with large rural populations have different needs than states with dense urban areas. By allowing states to create their own laws and regulations, they can better address the needs of their citizens.

Just because the population of New York City bankers dwarfs the entire population of Montana doesn’t mean a New York Banker knows better than Montana what it needs. 

Moreover, by limiting the power of the federal government and giving more power to states and local governments, there are more checks and balances in place to prevent overreach and abuse of power. 

This helps to ensure that citizens have more control over their own lives and can better protect their individual rights.We the people of America are determined to live free or die and tyranny can come D.C. just as quickly as it came from London. 

Now, to drive this point home, we’re just going to take two states and put them side by side. Namely, we’re going to explain both states from a virtuous angle. That’s going to be hard with California, but there are a few good people running around that state and we’re honored to call many of them our customers. 

We’re going to show you how, with the power of Federalism, if we let both states be who they are and that their maximum potential can be reached and Americans don’t have to fight about it. So, let’s jump right in. 

Texas’ Love Of Guns Is Part Of Their Identity

Texas is a state with a unique identity and history. We absolutely love us some Texas. It's a state that values individual freedom and independence, and its citizens have a deep love for their state. Texas has a strong economy, a vibrant culture, and a distinct way of life. 

They love big hats, big oil, big trucks and big guns. If there is any state in the Union that would be the pew, pew, pew state, it would be Texas.  

Texas has a strong tradition of gun ownership and Second Amendment rights that is part of the cultural psyche in Texas.. This is a reflection of the state's frontier history and its emphasis on individual freedom and liberty. 

Perhaps that’s why when famed frontiersman Davy Crocket lost his last congressional reelection bid, he was quoted as saying “y’all can go to hell. I will go to Texas. 

Remarkably, demographic trends are actually showing a large number of people are moving from California and to Texas, despite Texas’ well known reputation on guns. As they say, people are voting with their feet. If Ice Cream Joe tries to force Texans to be like Californians, there is no other place for them to go. 

They’re only choice is to put their feet down and fight back because without federalism, Americans of all stripes are painted into a corner. The same is True for Texas and the same is true of California. 

California Should Be Able To Have All The Environmental Policies It Wants

California is a state with a reputation for progressiveness and innovation. Its citizens are proud of their state's diversity, culture, and natural beauty. Granted, it's full of Hollywood weirdos too, but also some of those fine customers of ours that are just trapped due to work or family in the state of California. 

Californians should be free to govern themselves in a way that reflects their values and if that includes environmental restrictions, that’s their choice. 

California has been a leader in environmental policy, with a strong emphasis on renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions. This is a reflection of the state's commitment to protecting the environment and addressing what they believe to be climate change. 

To each their own my friends. Texas just takes another view on the matter. 

Federalism Is The Only Path To Heal A Divided Nation

Look, Texas should have the right to adopt Elon Musk the same as California should have the right to adopt Greta Thornburg. Federalism is what makes that possible. 

Federalism is why the nation didn’t disintegrate in the first few decades and Federalism is what has allowed this nation to progress in a responsive manner to the local citizens of each state. 

It’s really not hard to mend the cultural divide in this country if we can just find it in our souls to leave each other alone. Let Texas be Texas and let California be California and we’ll all make founding father Ben Franklin proud! 

Here at Tactical Pro Supply, we believe in one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. And yes, that includes Californians as well. So go do you California and we’ll do us.