Why Illegal Immigration is Dangerous for Both Immigrants and the Nation

April 19, 2023

Illegal immigration has been a polarizing issue for years, with many advocating for compassion and open borders, while others argue for strict enforcement and secure borders. Unfortunately, it is the left and their open border point of view that seems to claim sole ownership of the moral high ground. 

As such, they demonize fences, border guards and those who simply suggest we follow the laws on the books as anti-immigrant. AOC  goes to the border and cries at a fence which makes her more qualified for an Oscar than an expert on immigration policy. 

What liberals simply don’t understand is that those arguing for strict enforcement of our borders are doing so out of compassion. Illegal immigration is not only dangerous for this nation, but it is vortex sucking some of Latin America’s most vulnerable citizens into a perilous course of action. 

To allow this to continue unchecked would be to abandon any sense of moral responsibility and the team here at Tactical Pro Supply, simply can’t let that happen. We love America. We love immigrants. We love law and order. It really is that simply and all those affections can coexist at the same time. 

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The Negative Impact on Immigrants Is Well Documented And Beyond Contestation

It is a discernible truth that illegal immigration is dangerous for the immigrants themselves. This is well documented and though the left would try to paint the peril as the result of border enforcement, it is actually the product of open borders. 

We understand why people want to migrate to the United States and if open borders convince them they have a shot at making it, they will try it. 

Many immigrants are forced to flee their home countries due to violence, poverty, and political oppression. Those are bad things and who wouldn’t want to get away from them? 

As such, they risk their lives to cross dangerous borders and face exploitation and abuse from smugglers and other criminals. Should they actually make it, they then risk being exploited by unscrupulous employers who take advantage of their undocumented status. .

Additionally, illegal immigrants are then at risk of deportation at any time, which can tear families apart and disrupt communities. Children who were brought to the United States illegally as minors, often referred to as Dreamers, are particularly vulnerable. They grew up in the United States and consider it their home, but they face constant uncertainty and fear of deportation. 

Had their parents seen more allure in the legal process of immigrating rather than the temptation of immediate gratification of an open border, those Dreamers would thrive and would likely be some of our finest citizens to date. 

No, We Do Not Have To Accept Illegal Immigration As An Answer

Here again, we see more hypocrisy from the left when they try to point out the achievements or labor gains of illegal immigrants. 

There are, in fact, illegal immigrants who have proudly served in the military, illegal immigrants who have found great economic success, and illegal immigrants who fulfill much needed labor roles in this nation. What they fail to tell you is that every single one of those merits can be achieved with legal immigration. 

That’s right, a legal immigrant and an illegal immigrant can pick fruit, open up a restaurant, or serve in our nation’s military just the same. There is absolutely no reason to accept illegal immigration when we have a well documented legal process for immigrating to the United States. 

Many in conservative circles would happily increase the ceiling of legal immigration if we could but first stop the flow of illegal immigration. Meanwhile, illegal immigrants routinely access public services such as schools and hospitals without paying their fair share of taxes for those services. 

The same illegal path they used to immigrate is the same path used by cartels to ship deadly fentanyl, traffic sex workers, and cause great harm to the security of this nation. You have Democrats to thank for that and we have the perfect product that offers the appropriate gratitude

The juice of getting some extra farm labor in the form of illegal immigration is simply not worth the squeeze. Liberals like to act like we have no choice but to accept it, but thankfully, most of this nation isn’t taking the bait. Thankfully, thinking is still legal in this nation.

The Need for Compassionate Enforcement of Laws Still Requires Enforcement

Despite the negative impact of illegal immigration, we must find a way to enforce our laws in a compassionate and fair way. We realize that immigrants did indeed help build this nation, but for this nation to carry on we must have law and order. 

Those very immigrants who legally live here now deserve as much. We must secure our borders and ensure that those who enter the country do so legally. 

This might mean reforming our immigration system to make it more accessible and efficient, so that those who want to come to the United States can do so legally and without risking their lives.It may mean raising the number of documented workers who do indeed contribute heavily to certain industries. 

What it does not mean is just leaving the border open and accepting unchecked migration. 

There are plenty of avenues we can pursue that are both compassionate and good for the security of this nation. Unfortunately, Biden’s supposed border czar in Kamala Harris doesn’t really seem interested in even talking about the matter. 

As such, we fear that we will have to wait until 2024 to get an administration who cares both about immigrants' lives and the security of our nation. Voting has consequences and electing another liberal administration that is weak on border security will prove deadly for the illegal immigrants lured into that trap.