Why A Congressional Investigation Of Hunter Biden Is Warranted, Right, And Just

February 10, 2023

It may very well be true that “justice is blind” as they say, but even a blind person can smell Hunter Biden smoking parmesan cheese because he thought it was crack. Now, we don’t say that to make light of addiction.

We just want to point out that a man so desperate to smoke grated cheese out of the carpet because he thought it was crack may very well engage in other acts of desperation.

Some more costly on a personal level and each one potentially costly to the security of this nation. One can’t call this “conspiracy” or “misinformation” as Hunter Biden is on tape admitting that he smoked parmesan cheese.

It’s what he is not on tape admitting that is of the greatest interest to this nation. As such, though the left will malign it, a congressional investigation of Hunter Biden is warranted, right, and just. If we can borrow a few minutes of your time, we can help even your liberal acquaintances understand that discernible truth.

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Hunter Biden Has Knowingly And Willingly Immersed Himself In Government Affairs

There is an unspoken rule when it comes to the children of Presidents and that is the children are supposed to be off-limits to public scrutiny. People mocking a young teenage Chelsea Clinton for her looks were wrong as were those who derided Jenna Bush for underage drinking or Malia Obama’s twerking.

Kids get to be kids and young adults will explore life’s boundaries, regardless of who their father happens to be. Hunter Biden is not a child or young adult. He is a grown man who voluntarily engaged in the business of government lobbying on both a national and foreign scale.

He was paid exorbitant amounts of money for his efforts and oftentimes, at a seemingly disproportional rate at which his personal lived experiences would demand.

He received millions from a Chinese energy company linked to the Chinese Communist Party and was paid heavily for a role consulting in Ukraine while his father was Vice-President. 

Americans are right to inquire if there was any internal foul play involved. Logic dictates that every foreign partner knew exactly who his father was and again, Hunter Biden doesn’t deny these foreign cash payments.

You can hear him say it in his own words. This is not a conspiracy and a reasonable person could come to the conclusion that a man willing to smoke parmesan cheese would be willing to make ethical compromises in order to purchase more crack.

It’s how addiction works and any Democrat who tells you otherwise is using selective reasoning. We don’t even have to agree on his guilt or innocence at this point. Just that an investigation is a reasonable course of action to take. 

Patriotism Is The Pursuit Of Truth For The Good Of A Nation

It’s no secret that the team here at Tactical Pro Supply is unapologetically patriotic and it’s not too difficult to discern our political lean here. We believe in things like free speech because it’s the only way to address difficult truths.

At times, these truths will go against the grain of our political leanings and at times, the truth will fall perfectly in line with those beliefs. The discernible truth is that Hunter Biden should be investigated for his financial dealings because his father now sits in the most powerful seat in the world. 

Inquiring minds, conservative minds and liberal minds should all want to know if Hunter Biden is currently profiting from his father’s position. Particularly when the President’s mental acumen has come under question.

Would the President let classified information slip out of his mouth any less than he packed classified information into his garage? Would an addict desperate for his next hit of parmesan cheese be willing to trade those secrets? 

If Hunter Biden is not placed under a microscope and is allowed to engage in dubious conduct unabated for another 2 years, that places this nation at risk. If Biden were to be reelected in 2024, that places Hunter Biden in a position to profit off of this nation for the rest of the decade.

The truth must be discerned and it should be discerned now, before more damage could be done. So when a liberal coworker rushes to Hunter’s defense, just tell them that we just want to know the truth. We think the pursuit of the truth is the only patriotic course of action. 

We Sell Patriotic Products With Transparent Pricing and Production

If the founder of Tactical Pro Supply was the son of a sitting U.S. President and a foreign entity paid $500,000 for one of our T-shirts, you would have questions. We’d love it, but you’d be right to inquire.

Hunter Biden is a lawyer by trade and yet, when he made the foray into becoming an artist after his father’s election,  he suddenly had buyers interested at astronomical prices ranging from $75,000 to $500,000 a piece.

Does that not strike you as the least bit odd? Do you not at least want to ask a question or two? Well, Congress does and it is righteous and just endeavor. 

We’ll leave the rest of the inquiry up to you and we’ll return to making our reasonably priced patriotic apparel that will totally not sell for half a million.

We’ll return to using humor as our release by making shirts such as the AOC “I want 100% of your heart and 70% of your income” Valentine's Day special. Hunter Biden can return to his parmesan cheese, but only after he answers to the American people.

We deserve answers and with control of the House of Representatives in good hands, we will finally get those answers.