When The 2nd Amendment Is No More, The Great American Tradition Is Over

February 02, 2023

It will take you approximately 0.2 seconds when looking at our website to understand where we stand on the 2nd Amendment. There is no room to entertain infringement of any sort and, true fact, our website is a great link to send to your liberal cousin if you want to enjoy some liberal tears. 

Sort of a tactical and patriotic “Rick Roll” if you will. However, it is important for others to understand that our support of the 2nd Amendment is not some sort of marketing gimmick to sell more t-shirts. It’s because we understand that the 2nd Amendment is a lifestyle that is interwoven into the very fabric of this nation. 

In fact, as we will explain later, we are confident that as the 2nd Amendment goes, so goes this nation. You cannot have one without the other and if one is absent, it is all over. Some nation/state might exist in its stead, but you cannot call the nation that remains the United States of America. 

2nd ammendment

The History Of The Nation Was Forged By The 2nd Amendment

Many who oppose the 2nd Amendment will often argue that the founding fathers couldn’t envision modern weapons which fire at such a rate and capacity. That’s an intellectually dishonest argument from the start as it plays on hypothetical things we could never truly know. 

Every math teacher we ever had growing up promised us that, “you won’t always have a calculator with you” when forcing us to do long math. Thanks to the modern cell phone, we literally always have a calculator with us and the fact that they couldn’t foresee that doesn’t mean they were wrong to make us learn. 

We don’t know what type of weaponry the founding fathers could have envisioned, but they were not wrong to force the government they were creating to take into account an armed citizenry. 

It wouldn’t matter if the 2nd Amendment was written during the era of David and Goliath, they were going to make sure the citizenry could own a sling and a rock if they wanted. The weaponry involved is irrelevant to the purpose and power of the 2nd Amendment. 

The 2nd Amendment Keeps The Peace Between The Citizenry And It’s Government

Another frequent argument made by liberals against the 2nd Amendment is the notion that the government has tanks, planes, and helicopters, so what good is a rifle?

They want to insinuate that the citizenry would have no chance to supplant the most powerful military on the planet. Well, that might come as news to the Taliban and this too is an intellectually dishonest argument. 

The 2nd Amendment doesn’t presuppose that the citizenry will march on Washington. Rather, it makes it certain that Washington will never march on the citizenry. It is a policy of mutually assured destruction between a government ever reaching for more power and a citizenry getting all the more fed up. 

The 2nd amendment ensures that peace and forces us all to reconcile our grievances with the political process at hand. No government we elect can acquire power faster enough so long as the 2nd Amendment is there to slow it down. 

The 2nd Amendment Is Lifestyle For American Patriots

So, why do we sell so many 2nd Amendment oriented products? It is because we understand that this is a lifestyle that we live and we are here to support that lifestyle. If that lifestyle ever disappears, it means our country has ceased to exist as we know it and we’re not sure that’s a world in which we want to do business.

We are all in on the great American experiment working and that means that we are all in on the 2nd Amendment continuing to hold the peace. 

The apparel that we produce is designed to support that lifestyle. We want to wear our politics on our sleeves so that those who would take our guns remember that we still have them and we know how to use them. We’re not hiding our guns in fear. 

Rather, we are carrying them every day to protect those around us and yes, we suppose that includes protecting the liberal who would cry if they ever saw the gun.

That’s the lifestyle we live and those are the products we sell. Grab yours, wear your politics on your sleeve, and let’s keep the great American experiment rolling for centuries more to come.