Water Always Runs Downhill And Liberals Always Come For Your Guns

April 17, 2023

Much like the certainty of death and taxes, liberals never fail to disappoint when it comes to wanting to take your guns. The 2nd Amendment currently prohibits them and red states are certainly a barrier to them, but make no mistake about it, liberals want to take your guns. 

The Biden Administration’s latest executive orders to that end are just one more gun grab in that lifelong mission. After all, why deal with the law and the constitution when you can just executive order your way to get what you want. 

Here at Tactical Pro Supply, we are unapologetic supporters of all things 2A and we will equally not apologize for the words we have to say about his latest order.  

guns on a table

The Biden Administration Isn’t Even Trying To Hide Their Intent

On the official White House website, the administration explicitly states with regard to the latest executive order that “Specifically, the President is directing the Attorney General to move the U.S. as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation”. 

In other words, the Biden administration is trying to move America closer to a law Americans don’t want, because passing the law is too hard. 

He’s playing a legal game of “just the tip” and no matter how they dress it up, we know what comes after the tip. It is an insidious game that bypasses the consent of the American people because he knows what we would oppose the matter.

It is constitutional depravity for liberals to continue to search for ways to circumvent the will and consent of the people. Yet, sure as water flows down hill, liberals will not cease in their lust for your guns. 

Unleashing The Department Of Defense On The Gun Industry

Once again, they are not even trying to hide it. On the same website, the administration plans to “use the Department of Defense’s acquisition of firearms to further firearm and public safety practices.” 

The policy goes on to clarify that the Department of Defense buys a large number of firearms and they plan to leverage that acquisition power to squeeze the gun industry towards their will. 

This is nothing short of blackmail by the Department of Defense that will hurt the availability of guns and the rights of gun owners from sea to shining sea.

Sort of an ESG or DEI initiative on private industries backed by military force. It is sneaky gun control by a segment of society who doesn’t even understand the true meaning of gun control

We Should Ban Idiots In This Country And Keep The Guns

As our beloved popular shirt so aptly puts it, ban idiots, not guns. This country cannot continue to move in a direction that intentionally runs afoul of the law through executive action.

The 2nd Amendment is in place for a reason and it was not a mistake that it was literally the 2nd one on the original list of ten. It wasn’t an afterthought by the founders as it is the right that secures all the other rights. 

We cannot go quietly into the night while this dangerous game of “just the tip” progresses. We must actively educate and demonstrate the patriotism and the remarkable law abiding safety record of gun owners in America. The idiots with guns are not enumerated among us and we won’t let the liberals use the idiots as an excuse to remove our rights.