To See The Future Of Liberal America, Just Look To San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle

April 26, 2023

Typically, we’d argue that having some form of formidable political opposition is good for America. It’s not too hard to figure out our political leanings here at Tactical Pro Supply, but there is a place for citizens who lean more to the left than us in the American political machine. 

That being said, sometimes it is helpful for one party to have a super majority because America then gets to witness what happens when that side wins out. Do you want to know what happens to this country when liberal America wins out? 

Well, look no further than San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle for the type of future they would impose upon us all. That’s unchecked crime, rampant homelessness, and zombie-like drug addicts roaming the streets. It’s something straight out of a horror movie and coming to a city or state near you if you allow it. 


Of Course The Failures of Liberal Policies Is To Blame

The primary and major factor contributing to the decline of these cities is the obvious failure of liberal policies. Now, we understand that many liberals pursue these policies because they do indeed have good intentions to reduce poverty and fight injustice. The only problem is that these policies just don’t work. 

Take, for example, the policy of providing free housing to homeless individuals. While this may seem like a compassionate solution, it has actually led to an increase in homelessness as more people flock to these cities in search of free housing. 

Look, if you put a fat kid in a room with a piece of cake, he’s going to eat it. If you offer unprecedented services that enable drug use and homelessness, you’re going to have hoards of homeless people in the streets. 

Similarly, the policy of defunding the police has had disastrous consequences. Without adequate law enforcement, crime rates have skyrocketed, making these cities less safe for everyone, including the most vulnerable members of society. 

In Portland, for example, murders increased by 800% in 2020 compared to the previous year. It’s absolutely insane and though these liberal cities make it hard to own guns, we’d remind those citizens in danger, particularly women,  that there are a few things faster than calling 911

Of Course Enabling Drug Addiction Is A Bad Idea

While one could reasonably conclude that the war on drugs in America has failed and that legalizing marijuana is a rational course of action, the rest of the drugs are something awful. There’s even a current wave of drugs laced with fentanyl and horse tranquilizer that is literally rotting the flesh off addicts in the streets of these liberal strongholds. 

Liberal policies that prioritize harm reduction over abstinence have led to an increase in drug use and addiction with disastrous consequences. For example, Seattle has been operating a program called "safe injection sites'' where drug users can inject themselves under medical supervision. 

While this may seem like a compassionate solution, it actually enables drug addiction and puts users at risk of overdose when supervision is not around. 

There are countless prior addicts who will tell you and testify that the best thing that ever happened to them was getting arrested. It broke the cycle of addicts and gave them a chance to get clean. 

When you make addiction easier instead of harder, why are we surprised that addiction runs rampant? We’re not saying you can’t smoke pot and we’ve been known to enjoy a drink and drink well with others ourselves. However, the drugs that liberal cities are enabling are destroying an entire generation. 

san francisco bridge

The Negative Impact on the Most Vulnerable Is Liberal America’s True Crime

Sadly, it is the very people that liberal America claims to support that are harmed the most. Poor and marginalized communities reap the whirlwind of defunding the police in the form of unprecedented crime. Homeless people are having the very addictions that thrust them into homelessness spoon-fed to them in the name of compassion. 

Thanks to San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, we don’t have to wonder about what happens when liberal America wins out. We get to watch it like a horror movie playing out in real time, which is sad because those are our fellow citizens suffering under unchecked liberal rule. Hell, even liberals don’t deserve the very societies that liberals build for themselves. 

Here at Tactical Pro Supply, we believe in our republic and that does require dissenting views to work. We just can’t liberal views go unchecked. Reasonable people can disagree about a particular health policy, economic plan, or national defense approach. 

Yet, no reasonable person can look at these three cities and claim that is what they want for themselves and their children. America is the land of beer, guns, bacon, and freedom

San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle are something altogether different and that is the future of liberal America. May it never be.