The “Trad Wife” Outrage Is Hillary Clinton An Unbaked Cookies All Over Again

April 14, 2023

There are few certainties in life, but enumerated among them are death, taxes, and the truth that liberal America will never miss a chance to talk down to their fellow citizens. Their latest attempt to mock and deride others has focused on what they are calling “trad wives”. 

That’s social media shorthand for “traditional wives” or what we here at Tactical Pro Supply thought was just referred to as a wife. The term “trad wives” has been trending because left leaning America has been assaulting the notion of a traditional wife who chooses her kids and home over a career. 

A mom can’t even choose to stay home and spend time with her kids without drawing the vitriol of the liberal elite and to be honest, thanks to Hillary Clinton, we should have seen this coming a long time ago. 

patriotic family

Patriotic Families Come In All Shapes And Sizes

First of all, we should acknowledge the great diversity of patriot families in this nation from sea to shining. They come in all shapes and sizes and some moms work and some moms stay at home. 

Some families remain together and other families find themselves co parenting as best they can in a separated household. You won’t find us passing judgment on any mom and dad doing the best they know how. 

However, we will espouse the separate and unique nature of mom and dad. They are both a blessing and when they mutually choose together as a household that one will stay home, that’s usually a win for the household. 

Not call can or do choose that path, but those that do aren’t exactly guilty of child abuse as the left would almost like to make it seem. 

Hillary Clinton Gave Us An Early Peak Into The Left’s Hate Of Traditional Wives

Remarkably, we should have seen this coming as Hillary Clinton gave us a peak at this notion some 30 years ago. During her husband’s 1992 campaign, Hillary was asked about her legal career when she offered the retort, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession.” 

She then spent the next few weeks apologizing for mocking traditional housewives, but only because the political backlash was fierce. She was just a few decades too early in publicly showing her disdain for women who made the choice to focus on kids and the home. 

Sadly, as our society is quickly falling apart, mocking trad wives has now become the accepted norm. Hillary may be proud that she was ahead of her time on the matter, but the hate for the nuclear family has now metastasized on the left. 

Thankfully, Patriotic Families Could Care Less About Lefist Angst

Women who are able to make the sacrifice of staying home could care less about Hillary or other leftists deriding their lifestyle. That’s because their priorities are exactly where they want them to be. They choose more time with their kids. 

They choose more time focusing on the home. They choose partnering with their husband as such, traditional wives choose to tell the leftist elite that she knows she’s a patriotic beautiful badass and proud trad wife. 

Once again, if you made another choice as a patriotic woman or the demands of life make staying at home not possible, you’re a beautiful patriot savage yourself who kicks ass in the workforce and loves on the kids too. It is your choice and unfortunately, the liberal elite will always take issue with liberty that is freely exercised. 

The trad wife outrage is just the latest example of that. So, patriotic ladies and moms of all stripes, we don’t care how you choose to love your family and your country, just so long as you do it your way!