The Biden Administration’s Moral Failure On The Border Crisis And Fentanyl

March 31, 2023

Reasonable people can disagree over the various tenets of immigration. There are those who espouse the economic benefits of cheap labor doing jobs that Americans would prefer to avoid. 

There are purists who say that not a single undocumented immigration should be allowed to remain for one day for the same reason you wouldn’t let an uninvited intruder sleep in your guest room for a night. 

There is plenty of room for reasonable people to find some common ground or, at the very least, a compromise that does something rather than nothing. However, there is zero room for any ambiguity about the impact of the synthetic drug Fentanyl on American society.

In fact, if one were to chuckle at the notion of a drug killing over 70,000 Americans a year, one could plausibly call that a moral failure of epic proportions. In the wake of the Fentanyl invasion, we no longer have the same old border security debates. 

It’s no longer about low wage jobs, law and order, or compassion towards the wandering stranger and nationless. This is about ending an invasion that will lead to the deaths of up to 1 million Americans over the next decade if current trends are not addressed. 

Border security is no longer about immigration policy and it is now a moral imperative that the Biden administration is failing miserably. 

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Uninvited Guests Who Bring Drugs Into Our Home Are Not Welcome

If you threw a house party and 15 uninvited guests show up looking for a good time, you have a reasonable decision to make. Do they look like they can contribute to the overall atmosphere and will their contributions to the event outweigh their unexpected arrival? 

Depending on the nature of your hospitality, you may lean one way or the other and we supposed there really is no wrong answer. 

However, if we then told you that at least one of the fifteen persons was carrying enough Fentanyl to kill everyone at the party three times over, but we don’t know which one, the decision becomes obvious.

 Under no circumstance would you submit your party goers, family, or children to the mere possibility of even a brief exposure to Fentanyl. 

No, you lock the party down and though the 14 may have truly made the party remarkable, their contributions do not outweigh the one deadly risk. Our point is that the arrival of Fentanyl at our border radically alters the conversation regarding border security. 

Immigrants have done amazing things in this country and yes, even undocumented immigrants have contributed by serving in the Armed Forces and more. However, that is not the conversation we are having anymore regarding border security and pretending otherwise is Biden’s most recent moral failure. 

Fentanyl Has Made Border Security A National Security Priority

Here at Tactical Pro Supply, we are indeed unapologetically patriotic and we don’t apologize for the United States of America or our laws. We stand for our national anthem, support our military and back the boys in blue that keep us safe every single day. 

As such, we do indeed support the border laws that are supposed to give us a regulated and orderly system of immigration. However, fentanyl has changed the game and border security is no longer a matter of law and order. 

Border security has now become a national security priority as the influx of Fentanyl has killed in a single year exponentially more Americans than 9-11 or the past 20 years of the Global Wars on Terror combined. It’s not just drug addicts dying. 

It’s kids that walk through a park and see what they believe to be candy. It’s law enforcement officers making an arrest of a fentanyl dealer and its innocent men and women from sea to shining sea. 

The Biden Administration Must Take Radical Action Or Be Judged By History

We know that there is a Presidential election coming up and in 2 years time, we have the opportunity to swear in a new President. We also know that American deaths from Fentanyl exposure during those two years will exceed the number of deaths America suffered throughout the entirety of World War 1. 

It’s unacceptable and we don’t have 2 years to address this threat. 

It is an absolute moral failure for the Biden administration to pretend that border security is about agricultural workers or amnesty from countries riddled with corruption. 

This is about an administration being complicit by incompetence in the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans each year. We live in the land of Beer, Guns, Bacon & Freedom, not Fentanyl. 

Fentanyl is not an organic American product. It is manufactured overseas in China by a nation that wishes to do us harm and it arrives in bulk through the Mexican border. 

Whereas invading China to stop Fentanyl seems like a fool’s errand, stopping this drug at the borders is a moral imperative.

 It is a moral imperative that the Biden administration is failing miserably. Border security is no longer about immigration and until we get an administration that understands this reality, our nation will suffer and our citizenry will die. This must end and if you agree, help us spread the word about this moral imperative.