The Biden Administration’s Costly Failure To Deter Iran Will Only Get Worse

April 21, 2023

Deterrence is actually a fairly simple concept, but unfortunately it is one that the Biden administration can’t seem to get right. Earlier this month, Iran launched a drone attack against coalition forces in Syria that killed an American contractor and wounded several other U.S. service members. 

The doctrine of deterrence would have called on the Biden administration to make such an act almost unthinkable as the U.S. response would be overwhelming. Biden gave no such indication and the attack ensued. 

Now that they did attack, deterrence doctrine would suggest that now is the time to conduct that overwhelming response. Biden did not and ordered a few missile slap on the wrist as a response. What are the results of that flaccid approach?

Iran then again, sent rockets toward U.S. personnel in the region. There is no active deterrence as the Biden administration does not understand the doctrine and Iran’s continued attacks prove it. 

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Say What You Want About Trump, But Iran Feared Him

When Iran was plotting and conducting mischief in Iraq during the Trump administration, Trump took off the kiddy gloves. He ordered a drone attack on Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani and sent him packing to visit his 40 virgins in Muslim heaven. 

Now, keep in mind that at the time, Soleimani was just “planning and coordinating” future violence. The mere presence of ill wishes towards America and Trump took out their top General in the region. 

The Iranians, knowing that they had to respond for internal political reasons, ordered a ballistic missile attack on U.S. forces in the region. However, knowing full well that Trump would then unleash hell in return, the Iranians reportedly told the U.S. when and where the missiles would land so that no U.S. troops would be hurt. In other words, Iran backed down because Trump understood the doctrine of deterrence. 

Iran Is Calling Biden’s Bluff After Biden’s Disastrous Withdrawal From Afghanistan

After watching the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iran knows that Biden has no stomach for conflict in the Middle East and they are pushing him around. This is hard to watch as over 20 years of American Veterans spilling sweat and blood in the region should have given us some leverage. 

Unfortunately, it’s leverage that has largely been wasted by the current administration. 

You simply cannot piss away a few missiles in the general direction of the enemy and call it deterrence. Deterrence only works if you make the enemy count the cost of their actions and come to the conclusion that the costs are too high. 

When Iran attacked American forces again after Biden’s “response”, it is clear that Biden did not make the costs high enough. What’s worse is that Biden seems unwilling to step up to the table and deliver Iran the response it deserves. 

Biden Forgets That Americans Are Back To Back World War Champs

While we fully support any administration that would keep America out of a foreign entanglement and quagmire of a war, we must respond like the back to back World War Champs we know that we are when attacked. 

There must be a doctrine of deterrence which screams that if you kill an American, we will kill you back and then some. That doesn't mean invade Iran or start a new war. It means striking terror in the hearts of our enemies by making them count the cost. 

This is the land of Beer, Guns, Bacon, and Freedom. If we want to keep it that way, we must have a credible and forceful doctrine of deterrence in place. Biden’s focus on pronouns and school curriculum is coming at the cost of his primary role as Commander in Chief. 

His costly failure to embrace that role will likely endanger more American lives and embolden Iran throughout the region. That’s not the America we deserve and unfortunately, it's only going to get worse for the rest of this administration.