Putting Trump In Handcuffs Will Guarantee His 2024 Presidential Election

April 10, 2023

Despite how the left would like to portray it, there is a wide range of opinions and policy positions within the Republican Party. There are conservatives who support Donald Trump and there are conservatives who would prefer another candidate lead the Republic Party in 2024. 

However, there is absolute unanimity with the conservative movement that this is a choice that conservatives get to make for themselves. A reckless and overzealous District Attorney from deep blue America does not get to make that decision for them. 

Certainly not over such an asinine matter as the Stormy Daniels controversy. A Manhattan DA robbing half of America of their choice in political leadership over the misclassification of $130,000 is morally bankrupt. 

Yet, putting Trump in handcuffs may be the political gift of a lifetime and it may very almost guarantee the return of Trump to the White House.

trump gets arrested

Weaponizing The Justice System Is The Hallmark Tactic Of A Tyrant

It’s not hard to discern our political leanings here at Tactical Pro Supply, but most important above every leaning we have is the intense patriotism that drives what we do here. We absolutely and unapologetically love the United States of America. 

That’s why it pains us to such a degree to see what is happening to his nation. Democratic nations do not lock up the political opposition. It is just not done and certainly not in the middle of a campaign to replace the sitting government. 

That’s what Banana Republics try to pull off and when you see it happening here at home, that’s a major red flag. Arresting Trump is like the canary pigeon in the mine shaft freedom and when you see it happen, things are about to get worse long before they get better. 

As we often like to remind with our patriotic gear, when tyranny becomes law, rebellion then becomes duty. We cannot allow the justice system to be weaponized against political dissent in this country. It is a red line that simply must not be crossed. 

The Stormy Daniels Controversy Isn’t Worth The Fall Of A Great Nation

Now, Trump is no stranger to political persecution as that pretty much sums up the left’s approach to his entire first term as President. However, what the Manhattan DA is trying to pull off may be the weakest case of them. 

It is alleged that Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels and that allegation is old news. Trump’s now disgraced attorney claims that payments were made to Daniels with the attorney as the intermediary. 

What has this rogue DA getting ready to lock up a former President and current Presidential candidate is the charge that those payments to his attorney were misclassified as legal payments. That’s it. He’s not charging over the affair or the fact that money was transferred. He’s about to put the former President in handcuffs because those payments were misclassified. 

For Freedom To Prevail, Reason and Ration Must Return

Friends, a misclassification of payments is a reason to fire an accountant, not destroy Democracy. We just can’t be a nation that does this to the political opposition, whether you lean left or right. We are the land of beer, guns, bacon, and freedom

That comes to an end when half of the country is robbed of their political representation. Whether you love Trump or loathe him, reasonable people must believe this is true and the cessation political persecution must stop today. 

Please join us in screaming this loud from the rooftops. Even if you lean a bit to the left, you can see where this is heading for us all. The team here at Tactical Pro Supply is not so arrogant to suppose that we can bring this to an end. 

However, we are patriotic enough to try. For freedom to prevail in this nation, reason and ration must return in force. We may not win in that endeavor, but we are ready to go down swinging.