Parents Belong In Schools Because Kids Don’t Belong To The State

February 17, 2023

It would be equally true to say that kids don’t “belong” to their parents as some sort of physical property. Children are equally endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights and this is true from birth. 

The only problem is that kids suck something awful at surviving at birth by themselves. So, if only nature itself had given us a process by which children can be stewarded into adulthood until they can claim those rightful inalienable rights for themselves. 

We’re being facetious as that process is what you and I both call Mom and Dad. As such, while kids don’t “belong” to their parents, they most certainly sure as hell don’t belong to the state. The day the state makes claim to such ownership is the day Americans must stand up and exercise their 2nd Amendment rights in their defense. 

Under no circumstance will parents allow their children to become property of the state and as such, we will not cede our rightful place in public education. 

kid coloring on paper

Gender, Human Reproduction, and School Sports

Without a doubt, one of the more hot button issues in schools today revolves around gender identity and sexual reproduction. Now, we are not here to make life difficult or malign anyone regarding their gender or sexual identity. 

Nor is your average parent seeking school involvement trying to impute malice upon them. People express themselves across a spectrum of human sexuality and that much is evident by basic human observation. 

However, reasonable people can disagree on what age is the proper age to suggest or explain such gender confusion. Reasonable people can disagree whether a teacher/government employee can hide conversations of a sexual nature from parents. 

Reasonable people can disagree whether their daughters whose frames match that of a typical teenage girl should be getting slammed to the ground by an individual with the frame of a typical teenage male during school sports. 

Parents who want to weigh in on such matters are reasonable people. Even many from the left of the political spectrum have been saying as much. Even members of the LGBT community have expressed concern that kids who may very well be gay are being labeled trans and counseled to undergo life changing medical processes. 

Do not let anyone try to convince you that you are being unreasonable to want a voice on such matters. These are children for whom nature has given stewardship to the parents and not the state. Parents belong in schools. 

Race, Progress, and School Curriculum

In the same manner, basic human observation would tell you that this nation has not always gotten everything right when it comes to racial progress. How our founders could write words like “all men are created equal” and then in the same voice, made some men property of those men is beyond us. 

Yet, that was the prevailing thought of the day and we can celebrate that such inconsistency unsettles us today. That is called progress. 

To each all the wrongs without speaking of progress in the same voice is equally unsettling. Here at Tactical Pro Supply, we will always be proud of the United States of America because this nation is a nation that knows how to self-correct. 

We don’t need some foreign army to come in and set us straight. We do that ourselves and fight the internal battles that are necessary along the way. We have made progress and that progress must be taught and celebrated in public schools. 

Teachers have the ability to speak uplifting good as well as damning evil into a child’s life. To convince a child who couldn’t even spell Emancipation that he/she is the enemy and awful for what was done prior to their birth is a moral wrong. 

It is not helpful and nor does it put us on a path towards racial progress. Parents are right and reasonable to stand up when the state is telling their kids that they are the problem.

Why? Because building our children up is the responsibility of the parents. Once again, children don’t belong to the state and as such, parents belong in schools. 

Why Tactical Pro Supply Takes A Bold Stand On Behalf Of Parents

We take a strong stand on these because we are parents ourselves. We are family people who love this nation and though it might invite the woke mob to rain down upon our business, we stand for parent’s rights. 

We will still celebrate the diversity of this great nation, but just know that will also always include the great diversity of weapons we get to own to defend our children from the state. That is a state which would claim ownership over what nature and our creator has given us.  

We’ll say it one more time for the people in the back. Parents belong in schools because our children do not belong to the state.