Liberals Are Coming Around On The Dangers Of Wokeness But It May Be Too Late

March 29, 2023

Winston Churchill often stated that “an appeaser is someone who feeds the crocodile - hoping it will eat him last.” Despite the fact that conservatives have been sounding the alarm bells over cancel culture and wokeness for years now, Democrats continued to appease the mob and were happy to feed that crocodile. 

Well, it would seem that some lifelong Democrats are coming around on the dangers, but it may very well be too late. Recently, Elon Musk admitted that prior to 2020, he had voted for a Democrat in every single election. 

Now, the richest man in the world is a staunch supporter of conservatives solely over the issue of cancel culture. Renowned Liberal Bill Maher has frequently used his platform to fight wokeness and comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappell are some of the more recent liberals to be fed to the crocodile. 

Liberals were happy to ban conservatives until they ran out of conservatives who even cared. Now, wokeness is turning on its own and proves Churchill was a wise man far ahead of his time. The crocodile is coming for Democrats now and for many, turning back cancel culture will come too late. 

celebrating diversity

Celebrating Diversity Means Celebrating Diversity In Thought And Speech

Lest you think we are here to cause harm or pain to any group of people, just know that the team here at Tactical Pro Supply does indeed celebrate diversity and to see what we mean, check out this popular item. 

However, we also hold the view that if you are going to celebrate diversity in person and being, that also requires you to celebrate diversity in thought and speech. What a wretched thing it is to say you can do whatever you want with your private parts in the town square, but say the wrong thing and we will remove you from the town square.  

We seem to have lost the place where reasonable people are allowed to disagree and what’s more sad is that this oppression isn’t coming from our government. It’s coming from our own citizenry in the form of a digital mob. 

Fearing such mobs, corporations and social media platforms have fed anyone who offered dissenting thought to that mob as a form of appeasement. The only problem is that it is never enough for the mob. Tyranny of the mob is a greedy crocodile who will never have enough to eat. 

Go Woke And Go Broke Is Starting To Work

Here at Tactical Pro Supply, we are unapologetically patriotic and we will never give in to the mob and feed the crocodile. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for many corporations in America from sea to shining sea. 

They are forced by the mob to make decisions and weigh in on issues that have nothing to do with their market or reason for being. Florida’s Disney is the latest company to find out that this strategy won’t work. 

Disney weighing in on Florida law that had nothing to do with Micky Mouse or Donald Duck has now had a devastating effect on the company with Desantis’ take over of the special district Disney used to govern itself. If Disney would have just looked at the mob, offered up a nice hand gesture and told them IDGAF, all would be now as it always was in the magical kingdom. 

You Shouldn’t Have To Be Rich To Stand Up To Cancel Culture

Finally, we’ll wrap this offering up saying that you shouldn’t have to be rich to stand up for yourself. From Bill Maher to Dave Chappelle, they could never work another day in their life and be just fine. J.K. Rowling can sit back on her Harry Potter billions and stand up for women while speaking truth about trans encroachment on their rights. The average Joe has no such fortune. 

When the average Joe makes a social media post that questions whether a trans person with the biological traits of a male should be wrestling against his high school daughter, he can’t afford to lose his job because the digital mob took notice. 

A young girl in high school who reported she was assaulted in a school bathroom by a trans woman led to her father being arrested at the school board meeting when he brought up the matter. 

It shouldn’t be that you have to be rich and powerful to speak truth against cancel culture and wokeness. America is supposed to work for the little people as well and that used to be something that Democrats prided themselves on. 

That’s no longer the case and while many Democrats are indeed waking up to these dangers as they watch voters flee in droves, it may just be too late for them. You simply can’t feed the crocodile for as long as they and not expect it to come for them sooner or later.