Indicting A Former President 7 Years After Misclassifying Expenses Is A Travesty Of Justice

April 03, 2023

Winston Churchill once famously stated that, “The Truth Is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” The incontrovertible truth is that indicting President Trump for improperly classifying an expense some 7 years after it took place is an absolute travesty of justice. 

Keep in mind that we are talking about a billionaire who supposedly didn’t follow the proper procedures when sending $130,000 dollars. For a billionaire, $130k is a rounding error when it comes to financial transactions. 

That this rounding error is just now being prosecuted by a Liberal Soros funded district attorney after Trump has announced his candidacy for the White House should be all you need to know about the charge. 

Did he mess up? Perhaps as very few of us are financial regulators. Is it worth the millions of dollars of public money that will be spent to prosecute this misdemeanor? 

No, it is not. It’s no more significant than people who call a night out on the town a “business dinner” when it comes to taxes. 

We know it happens, but we’re not willing to exhaust the treasury and squander the public trust by prosecuting it just to recoup the $56.45 you spent at Applebees talking to a client. It’s silly, reckless, and a travesty of justice. 

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Times Have Changed And The American Public Are Grownups

Anytime you try to offer up a defense for Trump’s alleged misdeeds with women, the left will inevitably bring up Bill Clinton. However, you have to remind them that this is beyond comparing apples to oranges. 

One is a consensual encounter between two celebrities in a hotel room and the other is the most powerful man in the world moving in on a scared intern in the White House. It is just not the same thing. 

Truth be told, times have changed and Americans very much accept the fact that marriages are complicated endeavors. Human behavior is flawed and while we like to think the best of every couple, they are still human. 

You don’t have to condone behavior in order to understand said behavior. The American public are grownups and they have had plenty of time to digest the Stormy Daniels allegations. 

Not even the liberals who voted against Trump in 2020 would name the Stormy Daniels allegations as in the top 10 reasons they didn’t vote for Trump. 

The Timing Of The Charge Is Not A Coincidence

Keep in mind that the alleged crime of which we speak took place prior to Donald Trump being elected as President of the United States. Now, the incident between him and Stormy dates back to 2006. So, the alleged infidelity took place and Trump remained with his wife and helped raise their son together for the next 10 years before any crime took place. 

It was in 2016, when Trump was on the heels of changing America, where it was alleged he thought letting a prior indiscretion undo the movement to make America great again was a bad idea. 

Stormy was contacted, a mutual agreement between two adults was reached and Trump went on to win the White House. He let his finance people sort through the details and he went on to lead America. 

This liberal DA wants to prosecute Trump 7 years later because of what those financial people did. Travesty, absolute travesty of justice. 

Donald Trump Is Not The First President To Mess Up A Financial Transaction

Is there any person or President of the past, present, or future who can vouch for every receipt or financial transaction throughout their entire life? The discernible truth is no, they cannot and that includes previous Presidents who likely didn’t handle their own financial affairs either. 

The left likes to point out that Trump is the first former President indicted, but we’d have a hard time believing that he is the first former President to make a financial error. 

Any reasonable person could make the mistake that payments sent through a lawyer were, in fact, legal expenses. Just like any reasonable person might call that late night Uber Eats order of 100 cheeseburgers after a night out partying with a client a “business expense.” No one is proud of it, but it’s not an impossible mistake to make. 

“Show me the person and I’ll show you the crime” were the famous words of Joseph Stalin. It would seem the left has heeded those words well. That is all this is about. Now, normally here at Tactical Pro Supply, we’ll make reference to some of our amazing gear and products. 

We’re not even going to do that in this article, because to do so would make you question our purpose with this article. We are patriots through and through and while our political leanings are obvious, we love this nation first and foremost. 

This is a travesty of justice and it can not stand lest the great American experiment be put at risk by this grotesque travesty of justice.