Donald Trump Is The President We Need And Deserve In A War With China

May 01, 2023

A coming conflict with China is not a matter of if, but when. History tells us as much and unless China is going to change course and settle for being the number 2 world power, conflict and war is inevitable.

For the American people, there will simply be no other policy issue that will determine our future as a nation than the outcome of that conflict. Forget healthcare, economic policies, and most certainly policies around gender, we either win the coming conflict with China or we fail as a nation.

As such, the choice in the upcoming 2023 election is clear. Donald Trump is both the president we need and deserve during the coming war with China. We simply cannot let the Biden administration lead us in the fight for this nation’s survival.


Joe Biden Is Knee Deep In Chinese Conflict Of Interest

If a Democrat must lead us during a conflict with China, bring back Barack Obama, bring back Bill Clinton, and hell, even bring back Jimmy Carter if you must.

Joe Biden and his son Hunter have already sold their souls to China and the evidence is in the billions and 10% for the big guy. This isn’t about Republican versus Democrat. It just can’t be Joe Biden that leads this nation during a war with China.

A compromised President is a liability during a war with the very nation that compromised him. The amount of dirt that the Chinese Communist Party has on Joe and Hunter must be substantial and we have to ask ourselves if the nation that was willing to unleash Covid upon the world would hesitate in the least to release that information.

We know they would. China knows they would and, unfortunately, Joe Biden knows this as well. We cannot count on China Joe to stick up for this nation at the expense of himself.

All Enemies Foreign And Domestic Fear Donald Trump

Winston Churchill once famously said that “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” The discernible truth is that Donald Trump’s enemies fear him because he is unpredictable and unapologetic in his pursuit of victory.

China may very well know just how Joe Biden would respond, partly because they paid for such a response, but they have no idea what Donald Trump would do in an armed conflict.

Trump has never been shy about calling China what they are and that is an enemy of the world. During the early days of pandemic, he was derided by his enemies for calling Covid the “china flu” when the pandemic was one of China’s own making all along.

Trump is well aware of the threat that China poses to the world and there is no chance he lets them off the hook if armed conflict is to be had.

The Conflict With China Will Define The Next Century Of World History

As we said earlier, there is nothing and we mean nothing more central to this nation’s future than emerging victorious from the coming conflict with China. Perhaps you have more liberal positions on healthcare, guns, or the economy, but your liberal positions are null and void if China wins this conflict. We must win, we simply must.

As China rounds up its own citizens into concentration camps in the Uyghur regions of the country, consider how they would treat American citizens. As China squashes dissent and freedom of speech among its own people, what would it do to Americans who speak out?

If we let China win the Pacific and South China Sea today, the Chinese Communist Party will be at Americans doorsteps tomorrow. We can’t let them win and we can’t let Joe Biden be at the helm when this inevitable conflict comes knocking.

We need a leader who leads America like the back to back world war champs that we know we are and that man is Donald Trump.