DEI Is A Sneaky And Dastardly Assault On American Capitalism

April 03, 2023

Here at Tactical Pro Supply, we believe in diversity and that regardless of one’s identity, religion, creed and more, that your inalienable rights gifted to you by your created should remain intact.

Always and without exception. We just also happen to believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion mandates upon corporate America are the wrong path to achieve that end state. That’s not how capitalism works and unfortunately, we believe that those who push such mandates understand that to be true.

It is as if true diversity and equity were never the real goal of these initiatives. Rather, forcing companies to make public stands on issues completely unrelated to their market or niche is setting them up for failure. One need not look further than the recent Silicon Valley Bank as the latest example.

We believe in diversity, but DEI is simply not how you get there. It’s how you throw stones at diversity in order to throw boulders at capitalism.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DEI Is Insulting At Its Core To Those It Seeks To Elevate

People of color have faced a great deal of diversity in our nation’s past and we wouldn’t be intellectually honest if we tried to deny that is the case. In fact, the stories of such individuals overcoming that diversity is literally the stuff movies are made of because it is such a remarkable and inspiring achievement.

DEI seeks to destroy those achievements with arbitrary mandates and quotas for people who could in every single way win the job outright based on their merit.

When you tell a company that 50% of any department must be of BIPOC origin, would not the BIPOC members in the room who are indeed there on merit be a bit offended?

That was the contention of author and linguist John McWhorter on the liberal show hosted by Bill Mahr. McWhorter, a BIPOC individual himself, called the term “equity” a wormy word and said that it is being forced upon America in a harmful fashion.

The pushback on DEI is not just coming from the right, but it is coming from the left who choose intellectual honesty over the prevailing cultural crusade of the day.

The Collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank Should Never Have Happened

We’re not saying that the recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank was caused by DEI, but it must be noted that the bank had committed extensive resources to DEI. That is, the bank was undertaking certain actions and investments in something that had nothing to do with its purpose as a bank.

Famed economist Milton Friedman argued that the only social responsibility is to increase its profits for the owners and shareholders. He didn’t state this because he was a cold and greed driven man.

Rather, he understands that all people are elevated when capitalism works as it should. When you ask a corporation to act against its interest in the pursuit of profit that you betray the ownership, BIPOC owners and shareholders included.

DEI betrays BIPOC owners at the expense of perceived moral enlightenment. It is not the path to obtain true diversity, equity or inclusion.

America Is A Nation That Self Corrects And Time Is An Ally

Here at Tactical Pro Supply, we are unapologetically patriotic and we believe every member of the BIPOC community has been gifted by their creator with the same inalienable rights we spoke about earlier.

We just don’t think that DEI mandates are how you secure those rights. It’s how you assault the capitalist structures that built the most prosperous nation to ever grace the earth and given us the time to self correct. Time is an ally when it comes to diversity and moral justice.

America has always been a nation that self-corrects and though we have gotten some things terribly wrong in the past, we fix it ourselves. We don’t need a foreign army to come in and fix it arbitrarily no more than we need DEI mandates that defy the tenants of capitalism.

We believe in America and this great nation of ours will get true diversity, equity, and inclusion right if we are allowed to do so. Mandates that assault capitalism are just not how we get there and unfortunately, we think the left is well aware of it. Time for us all to wake up and realize what is truly under assault here.