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Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot Lost Because She Was Tough On Guns And Weak On Crime

March 24, 2023

We don’t routinely follow mayoral elections across the United States, but the team here at Tactical Pro Supply can’t help but notice a national trend taking place. That is, candidates who are tough on gun ownership and weak on crime keep losing elections. 

It doesn’t matter whether the candidate is a Republican or a Democrat, when you restrict the inalienable right of gun ownership and simultaneously fail to prosecute crime, you’re heading for an eventual defeat. 

That’s what Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot just discovered and subsequently became the first incumbent Chicago Mayor in 40 years to lose an election. She didn’t just lose, but she lost big. Unsurprisingly, it was a tough on crime conservative Democrat that beat her by a vote margin of 2 to 1. 

With your permission, let’s take a few minutes and break down why tough on guns and weak on crime is a disastrous policy and a losing strategy. 

soldiers holding guns

Never Abdicate The Responsibility For Personal Security To Anyone

First off, we’re going to go ahead and show you our personal bias. It’s not hard to discern our political leanings here at Tactical Pro Supply and so there is no point in trying to hide where we are coming from. 

We operate from the personal belief that one should never completely abdicate their personal security to anyone. Though we love the police and our military, the responsibility for one’s personal security rests with us alone. 

As such, we don’t care what the gun laws are in any city in America, there is a better than average chance that we will embrace our 2nd Amendment rights. We’re not suggesting that you open carry in a city hostile to gun ownership.

But, we are saying that we’ve made some seriously cool concealed carry jackets that would keep you nice and warm in the windy city. You can put two and two together and figure out what to do next. 

So, when we are deriding the policies of leftist cities like Chicago, Portland, or Seattle, we’re not doing so for our own personal benefit. We’re doing so for the citizenry and our customers that are oppressed by violent crime in such cities. 

We understand that those cities are not going to up and elect a Republican mayor tomorrow. However, they can follow Chicago’s example and at least elect a conservative democrat that won’t get them killed. That’s what happened recently in Chicago and other liberal run cities in America need to take notes. 

Defunding The Police And Restricting Gun Ownership Is Absolute Madness

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was elected in 2019 and in the first three years of her tenure, she saw homicides in Chicago jump by 58%. Now, some might consider this just dumb luck until you look at the policies her administration pushed. 

Making it near impossible for a citizen to protect themselves with their 2nd Amendment rights and making it near impossible to prosecute serious crimes was par for the course. Who would have thought that keeping guns out of the hands of good guys while simultaneously keeping bad guys out on the streets was a bad idea?

We understand that there are people with negative feelings about guns, but as our popular shirt declares, “My rights don’t end where your feelings begin.” That is what Mayor Lightfoot and so many of her philosophical kind don’t understand. 

The citizenry is not going to continue to vote to put the lives of their family at risk. Sooner or later, though much crime and pain must be endured first, any population will reach their breaking point. 

That’s what happened in Chicago and that’s why Mayor Lightfoot is the first Chicago incumbent mayor to lose in 40 years. 

All Democrat Run Cities Will Learn This Lesson Sooner Or Later

You pick the Democrat run city and we’ll show you the corresponding increase in crime over the past several years. San Francisco is overrun with homeless and vagrant crime, Walmart has closed all their stores in Portland, and Seattle has seen a massive exodus in wealth. It’s a shame that so much pain must be endured first, but people wake up sooner or later to the reality around them. 

Again, we don’t expect San Francisco to up and elect Donald Trump as mayor tomorrow, but there are reasonable options for liberal cities to choose. You can keep your high taxes and burdensome regulation if you really want, just stop electing people who are tough on guns and weak on crime. It is a losing formula for politicians and it is a death sentence for the average citizen. 

Chicago woke up and it is our earnest prayer for our customers trapped in liberal bastions that other cities will follow suit. In the meantime, if you find yourself in such a city, remember those cool concealed carry jackets. We’re not encouraging you to break any laws, we’re just saying they are really cool jackets that travel well from San Francisco to Chicago, Portland, Seattle and beyond.