Acknowledging The Wuhan Lab Leak Is Leftist Hypocrisy At Its Finest

March 10, 2023

Do not let them get away with it. That’s the message of this article and we will say it again, do not let them get away with it. Three years ago, left leaning governors and unelected officials embarked on a course of action that devastated local economies, decimated children’s education, and separated loved ones from one another, many who would never see each other again. 

Certainly, right leaning governors made similar decisions, but would only do so for a limited amount of time. Liberals tended to view science as incontrovertible whereas conservatives had a few more questions they wanted answered. 

Conservatives were mocked and derided for doing so and now, it looks like conservatives were right all along. At no point, should conservatives let them get away with it by just now acknowledging what got conservatives canceled and banned for years. 

Yes, Covid-19 began with the Wuhan lab and this administration just now acknowledging that is leftist hypocrisy at its finest. 

wuhan lab leak

It Was Always The Wuhan Lab And It Was Never A Wet Market

When President Trump called Covid-19 the “kung flu”, he was derided as a racist. When it was suggested that maybe, just maybe, this new pandemic emerged from a biological lab in the very city where Covid-19 began, conservatives were labeled conspiracy theorists.

When conservatives touted the benefits of natural immunity over a new vaccine, they were touted as science deniers. The mere mention that this virus began in a biological research lab was enough to get prominent voices banned on social media. 

Meanwhile, we now know that yes, Covid-19 began in the Wuhan research lab. The U.S. energy department recently acknowledged this as fact and liberals are scrambling to create some revisionist history. 

Even renowned liberal voice John Stewart is getting in on the demand for an apology. Despite his liberal leanings, he was mocked and derided for suggesting that if there was a chocolate leak in Hershey, Pennsylvania, that it just might have come from the damn chocolate factory. 

The Science Deniers Are Looking Pretty Good Right Now

Truthfully, the lab leak admission isn’t the first in a long line of hypocrisy spewed by liberals during this pandemic. We were told the vaccine would stop the transmission of the virus. It does not. We were told that “two weeks” to slow the spread would ensure the virus doesn’t infect us all . 

It did not. Honestly, it's hard to find someone who hasn’t had Covid-19 at this point. We were then told that natural immunity wouldn’t work. It does and recent research shows that natural immunity is by far more effective. 

Finding out that the virus did indeed emerge from the Wuhan lab is really just the cherry on top at this point. Look, we’ve had our fun with the virus and it even inspired our “Not Today Rona” line of products. 

However, this article is about our refusal to let those who mocked and derided us get away with it. Personally, we recommend scrolling back through your social media feeds over the few years and sharing this article with them, along with a demand for an apology. 

Covid-19 Was Always About Power And Control

Whereas conservative governors took initial action and lockdowns early in the pandemic, it must be pointed out that those same governors were quick to relinquish that power. Why, because conservative political philosophy abhors the idea of the government having that much power over the people. Liberal philosophy, on the other hand, operates from the viewpoint that government is the only answer. 

All of the devastating policies implemented over the past few years were always about power and control. Now, as the facts become clear, liberals want to hide and ask for forgiveness. They want to act as if we couldn’t have known any better while simultaneously banning and canceling conservatives who were screaming these truths from the rooftops all along. Do not let them get away with it. 

If we let this slide, we’re just asking for the next round of power grabs during the next manufactured crisis. Look, Covid-19 was real and we know people who lost their lives over it. However, it was never necessary to lose our country as well. 

We must stand up and speak truth in the face of power and make them acknowledge their wrongs. It was always about power and control and here at Tactical Pro Supply, we’re going to stand up and fight for our way of life until our very last breath.

If you’re willing to join us in that endeavor, help us make sure that those who mocked us do not forget and most importantly, that they do not get away with it. It was always the Wuhan lab and it was always about power and control.