A Mental Competency Test For President Biden Is Plain Common Sense

March 24, 2023

If reelected, President Joseph Biden will place his hand on the bible and take the oath of office at the ripe old age of 82. Which means by the time he reaches his last year in office, he’ll be wielding the nation’s nuclear codes and making vital national security decisions at the age of 86. 

The American public is not displaying ageism or any sort of discrimination to simply want to know if the man is capable of making those decisions. President Ronald Reagan was a mere 77 years old when he completed his second term and we now know that this legendary President was already facing mental decline at that stage. 

Should former President Donald Trump be reelected, he will take his second oath of office at the age of 78 and yes, we think the test should apply to him as well. Personally, we think Trump would ace the test based on his public appearances.

Personally, we also think Biden would struggle with the test based on his public appearances. In either case, a mental competency test for elderly Presidents is just plain common sense. 

mental competency test

Why Won’t The Democrats Have The Discussion On Mental Competency?

The question about the President's mental capacity has recently taken center stage with Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley advocating for politicians over the age of 75 to take a mental competency test. 

The Democrats have refused to entertain the idea and Jill Biden was even quoted as saying that “We would never even discuss something like that.” Bernie Sanders has gone on the record as calling it absurd and as identity politics is the Democrats go-to defense, they accuse anyone of suggesting such a concept of ageism. 

Meanwhile, the Democrats have launched two challengers for Senator Dianne Feinstein’s seat under the very premise that she is no longer mentally competent to fulfill the role at the age of 89. 

The Democrat Senator’s office has gone through great lengths to hide her mental decline, but even her fellow Democrats acknowledge the effect of time on the human mind. Why won’t the Democrat’s entertain the idea? 

That’s because they are perfectly content to have straw politicians in power while unelected bureaucrats call the shots behind the scenes.  If you need more evidence of that, just go check on how Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is doing. 

President Biden Has Given The Public Plenty Of Cause For Concern

Because Joseph Biden has been in the public eye for over 40 years, there is no lack of tape or video evidence that shows what he once was and what he is now. Love him or despise him, but he is not the same man he was when he was even Vice-President. 

Again, the documented record is overwhelming. He trails off in his thoughts and is often confused about where to stand or where to go and often requires intervention to get him back on track. 

That doesn't have to be a personal attack against the man. He’s just of an advanced age and he is not immune to what many of us have seen happen to our own parents or grandparents at that age. We take car keys away from our grandparents in such a state and yet, we’re supposed to be fine with Biden holding the keys to our massive nuclear arsenal?

What’s more concerning is President Biden’s frequent statements along the lines of, “They told me not to answer questions” or “they won’t let me …..”. 

This is the President of the United States almost calling out for help that he is not allowed or unable to execute the full duties of his office. It’s not a personal partisan attack to express concern about the man. As our popular shirt frequently reminds you, “Think while it's still legal.” 

Mental Competency To Hold Office Should Be A Bipartisan Issue

The public in a bipartisan manner needs to think before the mere mention of senior politician mental competency is enough to get you canceled. We want a mental competency test for Biden and we’re happy for Trump to take one as well should he take office. In fact, we’d suggest that both men take the tests if they square off head to head and let the results be what they are. 

This is just plain common sense my friends and the team here Tactical Pro Supply loves this nation too much to allow it to fall into decline at the hands of a senile President. If President Biden wants to quiet the chatter about his mental competency, he should just take the test and stop hiding.  

It’s not his fault that he has aged and he didn’t do anything wrong by getting old. However, hiding it from the American public is inexcusable and, in our opinion, a violation of his oath.