A Family That Stands Together Stays Together

January 27, 2023

Like any business, we do market research into our typical customer and we’ll often mull through that data to better understand you, the customer. What the data tells us is that men are more likely to buy an individual product just for themselves and wear it with pride.

Ladies, please don’t take offense to that as we are just telling what the data conveys. However, you will like this next data point as it is fairly insightful. Women’s patriotic apparel is, with a remarkably high frequency, purchased side by side with male apparel.

Meaning when a patriotic woman is looking for a product, she almost always picks one up for the man in her life. It is as if when shared patriotic values exist in a household, both the man and the woman want to display their love of country on their sleeves.

Quite literally as the American flag on the sleeve is a common feature in our apparel. With your permission, we’d like to share with you what it means to have such shared values as the cornerstone of one’s relationship. 

patriot tactical pro supply

The Nuclear Family Is Under Assault 

If you were looking to destroy the American way of life as we have come to know it, there would be no better place to start than the American family. Now, we understand that marriage is complex and at times difficult.

You may find yourself in a situation where you separated and co-parenting your children, but that’s still the nuclear family concept. You have two parents, or perhaps a couple of extra step parents and you serve as the first unit of government for your family. 

That concept has come under direct assault in recent years and it is part of the long game by some to wreak havoc on our way of life. Schools are hiding information from the parents, pushing back on the parent's voice in the classroom and making kids question what is normal.

Look, we understand that kids do not “belong” to parents as if they are property. Rather, nature itself has created a system where a helpless newborn baby can be nourished and guided until that young adult is able to fully exercise their own rights. 

Patriotism Begets More Patriotism When Done Right

Now, that’s not to say that every parent is a good parent or even right in their approach towards their kids. However, you can’t dismantle the nuclear family over such statistical outliers.

For every terrible family you can point out, we’ll show you 100 where the nuclear family was the cornerstone of stability and future success. Those that attack parental rights know this, but they know how problematic stable families are to their end game. 

It is as if they understand that a patriotic family which teaches and disciples their children on American civics and foundational values will only produce future patriots.

The bottom line is that patriots of every color, class, creed, religion and politics will always stand up to protect America. If you want to destroy America, then you must break down the patriot manufacturing line so that one day, there are not enough patriots to fight back. We pray that we never see that day come to be. 

Expressing Shared Values Strengthens The American Family

We supposed that it is possible for a patriot to marry into an ANTIFA driven anarchist family and if that’s you, please invite us to Thanksgiving because we want to see how that ends.

However, it is quite often the case that shared values are one of the sources of initial attraction in a potential partner. You don’t have to agree on everything, but there has to be consensus on how to approach life and raise your family. 

That’s when we see the purchase of one of our patriotic apparel products for women, there is more than often a male purchase with it.

Men tend to go lone wolf and will buy a shirt on their own, but women are expressing their shared values with a dual purchase. They are saying that not only do they understand you, but they are with you. 

We understand that the modern family today may look different than it did 100 years ago and we’re not trying to weigh in on how you run your household. We are standing up for the concept of family and we applaud the shared values you bring to your home.

Particularly if there is a corresponding apparel item we help you out with. So, feel free to shop our line of products and when you find something that speaks to your shared values, buy one for him and her.